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Regulatory financial statements 2012

BT has a regulatory obligation to prepare and publish Financial Statements and their associated documents. Copies of these can be obtained by clicking on the relevant items below.

PDF file Current Cost Financial Statements 2012 (925kb)

PDF file Primary Accounting Documents 2012 (1.14Mb)

PDF file Detailed Attribution Methods 2012 (3.75Mb)

Excel document Detailed Attribution Methods 2012 Appendix E (3.32Mb)

Excel document  Detailed Attribution Methods 2012 Appendix F (1.02Mb)

PDF file  Long Run Incremental Cost Model: Relationships & Parameters 2012 (2.11Mb)

Excel document  Long Run Incremental Cost Model: Relationships & Parameters Appendix 4a and 4b 2012 (2.6Mb)

PDF file Detailed Valuation Methodology 2012 (227kb)

Excel document Detailed Valuation Methodology 2012 - Annex 4  (2.25Mb)

PDF file Wholesale Catalogue 2012 (554kb)