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BT partners with King's College to explore 5G services

Kings College

BT is going to research and develop practical 5G applications with Ericsson and King’s College London. It’s part of its ambition to have the UK’s first commercial 5G network.

BT wants 5G technology to be widely used, so will look at how it can best deliver consumer, business and public services.

BT will focus on critical services such as medical applications. Together they will explore how to use technologies such as low latency communication and network slicing to build rapid and reliable services. King’s College will bring specialised knowledge in communication technologies, robotics and haptic control.

Haptic communication gives people the sense of touch by applying vibrations, motion or other forces.

The partnership builds on BT’s existing collaboration with Ericsson. BT has built a 5G proof-of-concept centre at Adastral Park. BT is using it and the 5G for Europe core network (to test the most efficient 5G network architecture. The 5G for Europe initiative was set up by EU member states to create a European 5G standard by 2020. Its network links to research centres and universities across the region. It tasks all parties in all member states with making a coordinated European 5G network standard a reality by 2020.

Howard Watson (BT Technology, Service & Operations) says: “The initial focus of the collaboration is on proof-of-concept solutions and trials of services needing both high availability and low latency – both key features of forthcoming 5G technology.”