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Retail service keeps shirtmaker in the pink

Thomas Pink

BT is helping Thomas Pink (a British-Irish luxury clothing business) use the Internet of Things (IoT) to personalise customer services and improve sales at its New York store.

BT is working with Thomas Pink to bring together the power of IoT sensors, software and analytics to give a single comprehensive view of store operations and customer behaviour.

The shirtmaker and luxury clothes retailer is piloting an IoT-based interactive digital store platform from Acuitas Digital. BT provides its platforms worldwide, underpinned by our Cloud of Clouds services.

Thomas Pink wants access to real-time information that will let it personalise its customer service, optimise its store layout and improve its employees’ productivity. It will use the IoT system to understand how people and products move around its Wall Street store. It will also draw on Big Data analytics to predict shopper behaviour. IoT-based video sensors will, for example, help it understand what customers are buying and where they go in the store. And if the last size or colour of a product is sold, the system will immediately alert an assistant so more can be ordered.

The platform can also tie in with digital signage – for example, to prompt a customer who is buying a shirt to consider a matching tie or cufflinks.