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BT agrees terms to acquire EE

BT has agreed definitive terms to acquire mobile business EE for £12.5bn.

BT sets out its ultrafast broadband vision

'' to deliver speeds of up to 500Mbps to most homes , premium fibre services of up to 1Gbps to be developed

BT wins rights to more live Premier League matches

BT has won exclusive live rights to 42 Premier League matches per season from August 2016 for three years.

Ofcom launches new review into TV sports content

Ofcom has begun a review to find if regulation surrounding key sports content on TV is still relevant.

Also in this issue...

The Science Museum: Information Age

The Science Museum’s new Information Age: six networks that changed our world gallery is now open. It is sponsored by BT as part of our Connected Society programme. BT has long been a supporter of the Science Museum, since our first donation of telegraphy equipment in 1876.

Information Age is one of the most ambitious Science Museum projects in more than ten years, and features over 800 unique objects from the Museum’s collections, some that witnessed incredible moments in history.

One of the first things gallery visitors see is the spectacular 6m-high aerial inductance coil from Rugby Radio Station. Resembling a series of giant spiders’ webs, it was once part of the most powerful radio transmitter in the world and was donated to the Science Museum by BT.

The new gallery explores how the modern connected world was created through six networks: the electric telegraph; the telephone exchange; radio and television broadcasting; satellite communications; computer networks and mobile communications.

The gallery also includes the original Marconi radio transmitter that made the first public broadcast in 1922, announcing the arrival of the BBC and the birth of British broadcasting; oral histories of women who operated telephone exchanges until the introduction of the automatic dial; two of the world’s fastest supercomputers in the 1960s and the NeXT cube, the original machine used by Sir Tim Berners-Lee to design the world wide web in 1989.

BT Election Services

With the election getting ever nearer, BT has designed a service to help candidates and others involved in the election process who need temporary broadband and phone services.

One of the most crucial aspects of campaigning is being able to communicate with constituents and others during the intense period leading up to an election. BT has designed a package that offers short-term phone line and broadband options to support candidates and others going into the election. Customers will only pay for the length of time they use these services, they are not tied into a long-term contract.

The following services are offered:

BT Election Services can be tailored according to specific needs. You can call our dedicated Election Services team to discuss options and specific needs on 0800 876 6259.


Constituency noticeboard

BT helps housing associations deliver digital inclusion

Housing associations can now easily offer cost-effective internet connections and devices to their tenants, with the launch of a new shared internet service from BT, specifically designed for them. The service delivers an internet connection, which could include shared access between residents to reduce monthly rental costs and an affordable device, as well as offering training and support for tenants.

BT extends support for Barefoot Computing

BT is extending its support for the Barefoot Computing Project - an initiative that helps teachers get to grips with the new schools’ computing curriculum.

Launched in March last year, the Barefoot Computing Project has supported around 800 schools in England, providing cross-curricular computer science resources and training for some 3,000 primary school teachers with no previous computer science knowledge. You can find out more about the Barefoot Computing Project here.


Small businesses to pop up in red phone boxes

Did you know that old red BT phone boxes can be transformed into new small businesses? They include sweet shops, photo booths, souvenir shops, mobile phone charging units, ice cream shops, small parcel collection sites and tea and coffee shops. The kiosks are available through BT’s Adopt a Kiosk scheme, which enables local charities and community groups to buy underused red phone boxes from the company for just £1.


Contact us

For policy enquiries please contact:
Tim O'Sullivan, Director of Public Affairs
Tel: 020 7356 6593
Fax: 020 7726 0613

For enquiries about constituency issues please contact:
Clova Fyfe, Head of Parliamentary Affairs
Tel: 020 7356 5352
Fax: 020 7726 0613

If you have an enquiry about your own home or business lines including new orders, please call the Parliamentary Helpline on 0800 200 789
(Monday - Friday 8.00am - 6.00pm)

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