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BT announces further spending on broadband

BT has announced a further wave of investment to help the UK remain the leading digital nation in the G20.

Tackling the 'last 5%'

The next challenge is reaching the last 5% of UK premises that don't yet have broadband or aren't covered by any roll-out plans.

Better service

Customer service is an area of focus for BT, and we have announced a series of new initiatives to better meet the evolving needs of our customers.


G.Fast is a technology that has been pioneered by BT's R&D team and industry partners

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EE commits to 95% 4G coverage and ‘onshoring’ 600 jobs

EE, the UK’s biggest mobile operator and part of the BT Group, has announced a major boost to customer service with the on-shoring of 600 customer service roles, meaning all EE customer calls are answered here in the UK and Ireland by the end of the year.

This is part of EE’s plans to drive improvements to the customer experience with more UK customer service roles, while growing 4G coverage with the aspiration of taking 4G to the very edges of the UK.

The investment in coverage will focus on filling in outdoor ‘notspots’ in current 4G areas, and expanding 4G coverage from a UK-leading position of 60% landmass today towards an objective of 95% by 2020 – further than any mobile network has ever gone. EE is challenging the mobile industry to measure vital coverage metrics by UK geography, rather than the outdated population score used today.

For the average smartphone user, not-spots aren’t tolerated and 2G doesn’t deliver what they need. Customers want 4G speeds everywhere they go, and EE believes that mobile operators are too used to saying ‘no’ to new coverage. It has an ambition to go further than any operator has ever gone, and with the ultimate aim of covering the whole UK with 4G.

EE is bringing 100% of its EE customer service calls back to the UK and Ireland. It has already seen a major boost in customer satisfaction by creating 1,400 new service jobs in the UK since 2014. Now it’s creating 600 additional jobs to handle all EE customer service calls in the UK and Ireland by the end of this year, providing the best possible experience for our customers.

More than 100 roles will be created in Merthyr, North Tyneside, Plymouth and Ireland by the end of June 2016, when all EE Pay Monthly customer calls will be handled onshore. The locations of the remaining 500 jobs, providing service for EE Pay as You Go and Home customers, will be announced throughout the second half of 2016.

EE has already boosted customer satisfaction and cut complaints by 50% through an onshoring programme that’s seen more than 1,400 jobs created in the UK and Ireland since 2014. The investment in a further 600 UK and Ireland service roles will provide the best possible service for EE customers, and supports EE’s commitment to becoming number one mobile operator for customer service in the UK.

As part of EE’s commitment to delivering the best 4G coverage in the most remote parts of the UK, superfast 4G mobile was switched on in June in Shetland and the Isles of Scilly, almost 1,000 miles apart, at opposite ends of the UK, enabled by the fibre broadband links that BT has deployed.

To achieve the ambitious UK-wide 4G coverage objective, more than 750 new sites will be built. Today, EE’s 4G coverage reaches around 60% of UK geography, equal to approximately 95% of the population. Providing 4G coverage to 95% of the UK geography, would ensure ‘near-complete’ 4G coverage for the UK’s population (99.8%). This is further than existing 2G and 3G coverage from any provider.

Policy reform will be necessary to building and maintaining such a widespread mobile network. This includes: ensuring that proposed changes to the Electronic Communications Code support operators’ coverage ambitions; that all parts of the UK build on the recent positive announcements on planning changes for England; and that industry, Government and Ofcom work together to improve network operators’ financial incentives to invest. EE will continue to consult Government and Ofcom on these issues.

Training and skills for BT and the UK

BT is committed to ensuring its people are fully equipped in terms of skills and knowledge so that they contribute towards the services that help customers get the most out of their personal and working lives. We invest in training and development so that all our people can succeed and contribute to our business. BT also conducts schemes that help people outside of the company develop digital skills.


BT’s apprenticeship scheme has been in place for over 50 years and we currently recruit around 900 young people every year onto the programme, which is rated ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted. We recruit, train and manage over half of our apprentices in house, ensuring the programme meets our needs and those of our apprentices. For some of our new more bespoke programmes, we use specialist training providers to assist us.


BT has a long established graduate scheme, hiring approximately 300 graduates to global locations every year. We look for a diverse range of driven individuals with impressive academic qualifications and a passion to innovate, give excellent customer service, drive change, build great relationships and demonstrate leadership potential.

Getting young and older people ready for work

BT is committed to helping more people get work ready and have a number of initiatives designed to meet this commitment, including BT Traineeships and Adult Work Placements. Our work-ready programme for young people is targeted at those who are disadvantaged in some way, either through being NEET (not in education, employment or training) or at a school in a deprived area. It is designed to focus on addressing the core issues of career planning and skills for work through a portfolio of employability propositions. We’re a founder member of the UK employer led initiative ‘Movement to Work’ that is backed by the Prince’s Trust and the Government and aims to tackle youth unemployment. We are extending our work ready programme through a partnership with Rio Ferdinand Foundation to reach 1000 young people in 2016/17.

BT Traineeships and work placements

Adult work placement

Adult Work placements are a BT Group employment regeneration volunteering initiative centred on providing local jobseekers with an operational placement in which they can develop both the technical and soft skills essential for sustainable employment. Each programme varies from six to 12 individuals.

Armed forces

BT is the founding sponsor of Transition Force, a programme that helps demystify the world of civilian employment for armed forces people. Transition Force is targeted at all serving and ex-serving military personnel at all ranks, ages and services.

Investing in digital skills

BT has a long-term commitment to help build a culture of tech literacy starting with the next generation. Children are surrounded by technology and are passive consumers, but few understand how it works or how it is shaping the modern world. BT has a broad platform of education initiatives designed to encourage young people to explore technology in different ways, be active creators and empowered digital citizens. For example:


Constituency noticeboard

BT’s free-to-use fundraising platform MyDonate is the UK’s best for charity giving (MSE), the consumer website, has placed BT’s online charity donation service MyDonate ahead of eight other charity giving sites it assessed.

MSE says it gives charities £12.35 for each £10 donation with Gift Aid, with no commission to the charity itself.

As a charity, it costs nothing to register with MyDonate.

BT traineeships give young people working knowledge and new skills in just 32 days

Designed for young people aged 16 to 24 and not in education, employment or training, the BT traineeship offers the chance to gain nationally recognised certificates in work skills and business administration. We run courses at locations across the UK, with more coming up soon.

As well as learning practical work skills such as CV writing, interview techniques and confidence building, a BT traineeship also provides a mix of work experience and job shadowing.

For further information and to register for a BT traineeship

Our free BT Community Web Kit helps community groups and charities get their message across.

We're keen to make sure that everyone can access the internet and get the most out of being online.

A website is a fantastic way to reach out to people and distribute information. If you know a charity or not-for-profit community group and that doesn’t already have a website, we could help them get up and running online with the BT Community Web Kit.

In a few simple steps, we can help them build and maintain their website – and best of all, it's free!

Find out more about the BT Community Web Kit .


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