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BT announces its ambition to improve the UK's tech literacy

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BT has just announced a long-term ambition to inspire young people in the UK to embrace the role technology plays in their lives. It aims to address this though its BT Tech Literacy programme.

We want young people to be confident with ‘computational thinking’, and aware of how technology and data are the foundations of today’s society. If we can achieve this, we believe that it will benefit both young people and our economy.

BT believes that there is a paradox in the UK. Young people are surrounded by technology yet so many are not ‘tech’ literate.

To help tackle this paradox, the new BT Tech Literacy programme will start by:

This is a long-term commitment for BT. We expect that it will take a whole school generation. As our first goal, we want to reach five million children by 2020.

The BT Tech Literacy programme builds on the work we’ve already been doing with the Barefoot Computing programme. We developed the teaching resources in use nationwide, and many BT people have volunteered their time to deliver many of the training sessions for teachers.

Lots of other groups are working on different aspects of the tech literacy challenge – including schools, colleges, the government, not-for-profit organisations, campaigning groups and social networks. We already work with many of them, and we look forward to others joining us.


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