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G Fast 

G.Fast is a technology that has been pioneered by BT’s R&D team and industry partners. It is an important breakthrough as it enables ultrafast broadband to be delivered over copper lines, without the disruption and expense of laying fibre all the way to a home or business. It can be rolled out faster, to a much larger number of premises, ensuring as many people benefit as possible. It builds on our existing investment in fibre, meaning we can deliver far higher internet speeds with minimal disruption. We're trialling technology in Huntingdon, Gosforth and Swansea. changes the way today’s broadband is transmitted, delivering ultrafast speeds that currently require fibre to be run all the way to the premises (FTTP). This is significant as it will enable Openreach to make ultrafast broadband available to a much larger number of homes and businesses, and in a shorter timeframe, than if it had focused on FTTP alone.

FTTP is still important, BT deploys more of this than any other UK communications provider, and it is already available in several locations. We're improving how we deploy it, making it quicker and more efficient to reach homes. We've started a technical deployment trial in Haydon Wick, Campton and Meppershall to do just that.

We're also trialling our FTTP on Demand product for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and those homes with very high bandwidth requirements. This product can deliver Ultrafast broadband speeds over a fibre that links a home or business to the local telephone exchange. During the trial we'll offer speeds of up to 1Gbps downstream and 100Mbps upstream, with a committed downstream bandwidth of 100Mbps. The FTTP on Demand trial is free of charge and will be available for about 1,500 homes and businesses in Huntingdon on a first come, first served basis.

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