Net Good

Net Good
Net Good

At the moment, our end-to-end carbon impact is roughly equal to the emissions our products help customers avoid. We want to change that. We’ll help customers avoid three times our carbon impact. We want our overall impact on the world to be positive, and we call this Net Good.

Our technology and expertise has the potential to use fewer natural resources. In the past we have done well at doing less harm, but this is no longer enough. Now we must find ways to do more good than harm.

We are calculating our end-to-end carbon emissions – from our supply chain, our own operations and how our products and services are used. Then by the end of 2020 we’ll help customers save three times that amount.

Our experience of making our own operations more efficient will help us do this. Beyond carbon emissions, we are trying to design out waste from our systems and products. That limits our own pressure on the world’s resources.

In this section:
Managing our supply chain management improves environmental standards and reduces resource use

We own and operate networks and data centres, a vehicle fleet, offices as well as spending money on business travel. And we never stop looking for ways to make our operations run leaner

The materials our products are made of, how they are transported and recycled, and the energy they use

Helping customers with energy, carbon or other natural resource challenges that matter to their business

The methodology behind our goal and where we are today in meeting it