About the Fund

Let's make sure the Fund can go from strength to stregthFirst founded as a Post Office charity in 1853 the Fund now serves past and present BT people, and their dependents, who are suffering financial hardship.

The revised constitution adopted in July 1996 and revised in 2014, provides for a governing Board of Trustees and a small Secretariat which deals with the business of the Fund. The number of cases has multiplied tenfold since the mid 1980s.

The Fund has the following statement of Vision, Mission and Values:-


With a potential beneficiary base in excess of one million people, the Fund is aiming to make itself as widely known as possible throughout this group in order to make access to the Fund’s services straightforward and effective.


To increase awareness of the Fund and its activities throughout the company workforce and pension fund membership with a view to recruitment of ‘contributing members’ and identifying the Fund as a ‘resource’ to those in hardship.


  • We will react promptly and effectively to those in financial hardship
  • We will make efforts to reach out to potential beneficiaries
  • We will adopt grant-making policies which are fair and consistent
  • We will conduct the Fund’s affairs in a manner which ensures a long-term future


Registered Charity no. 212565