China mobile

TitleChina Mobile

Large scale star network based on LTE standard for rural deployment.


China Mobile.


Antonio Huang, Aric and Zhuyuan Shao.

3rd Party Hardware and Software used

  • Lime microsystems SDR
  • a high performance computer for OAI-eNB
  • another normal computer for OAI-EPC

Current State

A demonstrator is available, and we are now designing a high bandwidth PA, specifically for LTE.


This project aimed at providing easy network access for a developing country. The goal was to build an affordable LTE network that enables computers and smartphones to communicate between themselves, or even to the internet if available.

To achieve this, we have used LimeSDR, consumer level computers, and a self-designed power amplifier to build the network

Using this approach, a network can easily be built up in desert or mountainous region without using much manpower to lay cables or install antennas, as a single device can cover a range up to 10km, similar to the size of a small village.

Running the EPC in VMware and eNB natively in a desktop computer has made the solution very portable.

OAI has been successfully tested on LTE Band 1, Band 7 and Band 8, covering all commonly used frequency range, although our current RF hardware is running at Band 8.

On occasions the LTE network was not stable. A duplexer is being used to address this issue, while better solutions are investigated.