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Cell Phone Signal Repeater / Booster / Femtocell.


Goat Industries


Patrick Whetman

3rd Party Hardware and Software used

  • Lime microsystems SDR

Current State

A demonstrator has been completed, enabling a six fold download speed increase and a 33% reduction in latency. Network interoperability testing would need to be completed before full duplex deployment in the UK.

For a Hackaday competition, a repeater has been tuned to the Verizon network on band 13 which should work in the USA. A test using the LimeSDR as a signal generator to check that the band filters etc. were working properly and was positive.

On this version, there is an AD8218 RSSI chip on the base station Rx pathway which picks up Tx from the mobile phone. Holding an IPhone 7 about 400 mm away from the plate antenna and uploading video to YouTube results in about -5 dBm max RSSI, and holding the phone right next to the antenna gives +10 dBm, as expected.

The LimeSDR was used to rapid prototype the initial concept and provide a functional RF modular block diagram for further dedicated hardware development.

Two more band 13 prototypes need to be built up and all three sent to the USA for appraisal.


The aim of the project was to build a low cost LTE signal booster that could be used in typically rural areas at the edge of reception.