King's College London


Functional Splits in Cloud RAN


Centre for Telecommunications Research Department of Informatics, Kings College London


Ghizlane Mountaser, Maria Lema Rosas, and Toktam Mahmoodi

3rd Party Hardware and Software used

  • Lime microsystems SDR
  • Unmodified OAI UE code
  • Modified OAI eBN code

Current State

The solution is tested using USRP B210, and is able to perform full end-to-end communication while meeting the latency requirement.

The solution does not currently work with the Lime SDR, as OAI UE cannot connect to the OAI eNB. This issue is currently being investigated.


Splitting the various functionalities of the radio access network (RAN) is one of the enablers of 5G. In this project, we experiment with different functional splits, to assess the ideal functionality split in the Cloud RAN architecture to maximise performance, while also optimising backhaul and fronthaul availabilities, and providing good QoS.