Our people

Success through our people

Our people

We know that our success is through our people.

That’s why we invest heavily in our employees – to create an environment for success.

We empower them, providing them with skills, knowledge and confidence to achieve. We do all we can to help them build their own successful careers in CBS.

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what some of our employees think about working for us: 

Swati Ghosh
Swati Ghosh - senior training manager, Gurgaon, India
 “The empowerment I enjoy is unparalleled. The learning opportunities I have explored in my total tenure with BT are brilliant.”

Sagnick Choudrey
Sagnick Choudrey – team manager, Kolkata, India
“The opportunities and the work environment give me immense pleasure and satisfaction to work with BT CBS. ‘Our success is through our people’ is not just a tagline but actually embedded into the organisation and I am proud to be a part of it.”

Zarifa Nurgali

Zarifa Nurgali – team manager, Hungary
“What I enjoy the most is that I'm part of a dynamically changing company. We continually adapt ourselves to meet market requirements. I like that I am part of the community and have a common purpose - a mission.”

Neha Sharma

Neha Sharma - internal communications, Gurgaon, India
“My work gives me the opportunity to live up to a new challenge each day. At CBS, you’re always doing something exciting and there’s always a reason to celebrate. Through unmatched technology, we’re truly using the power of communications to make a better world.”

Diyana Rosedi
Diyana Rosedi, associate Kuala Lumpur 

I really enjoy working for CBS and feel very excited about all the opportunities open to me. It is such a wonderful journey being part of CBS as I can see we are moving in the right direction with great values and strategies.”

Mick Murray
Mick Murray – head of CDSS commercial delivery & operations, UK
“BT is a great place to work and has opened up lots of opportunities for me to develop my career and learn new skills.”

Amit Karla
Amit Kalra – procurement manager, Gurgaon, India
“I personally believe, CBS is an awesome place to work. In fact, the kind of growth opportunities I've seen here are like nowhere else. I joined as Procurement Associate in 2008 and recently got fifth promotion. Now I am a Procurement Manager.”

Navdeep Singh
Navdeep Singh – senior finance analyst, Gurgaon India
“CBS provides us with a great learning path which means lots of opportunities to grow. BT's management is always ready to help, guide and coach to achieve one's development goal. Efforts are recognised at every level. I have been awarded with BT's most prestigious award, Chairman's Award for my work.”

Rashmi Jolly
Rashmi Jolly – project manager, Gurgaon, India
“CBS has an amazing leadership team and very supportive management.”

Mukul Tetri
Mukul Tetri, team manager Kuala Lumper
“I love being a part of BT CBS because it creates a better world for its people and treats them as the most valuable asset.”

Nintin Gupta

Nitin Gupta – Gurgaon
“CBS is an organisation where a person gets hundreds of opportunities to grow, multiple chance for correction, an unbreakable support system and all this with one basic aim, to Never Let a Person Fail…” 

Edina Jurko
Edina Jurko – operations manager, Hungary
“The environment, the management style and the people focus makes CBS an outstanding employer. Everything starts with our people. All ideas and opinions count. The decision making is in our hands.”

Sajid Ghaus
Sajjid Ghaus – service request management, Gurgaon, India
“The culture and the opportunities to develop makes CBS an awesome place to work.”

Himanshu Chattwal
Himanshu Chattwal – finance manager, Gurgaon, India
“Nowhere in my career have I seen a team so passionate about creating a workplace where everyone nurtures a common vision to make this place the greatest place to work. Kudos to the CBS management for infusing energy and charm in day to day operations... be it the induction, facilities or the work environment.”

Anshu Vimal – associate, Consumer, Gurgaon, India
Anshu Vimal – associate, Consumer, Gurgaon, India
“CBS is a great place to work with a range of growth opportunities. I’m valued for my work and am treated as an asset to the organisation. As employees, we are empowered to take our decisions and our opinions are valued at all levels.”

Karan Sawlani - operations manager, Wholesale & Ventures, Gurgaon, India
Karan Sawlani - operations manager, Wholesale & Ventures, Gurgaon, India
“I’m proud be part of an organisation that values its employees’ ideas and implements them. The best part about working here is you get to maintain a good work-life balance.”