Meet the winners

Connecting the future city

Well done to all our finalists who presented to the judges at the BT Tower on 26 April. 

Here's a video with an overview of the Connected Cities competition.

Smart City winner - See.Sense Icon

Connected Society winner - Sitekit eRedbook

Internet of Things winner - Vivacity

Overall Connected Cities winner - See.Sense Icon

Thanks to all our finalists. 

Demand Logic Ltd
Demand Logic is a clean-tech company that uses big data analytics to identify energy savings and performance improvements in commercial buildings.

eRedbook - SiteKit Ltd
The eRedbook is the UK’s first digital Personal Child Health Record, providing parents and clinicians with the tools they need to effectively manage a child’s healthcare from day one.

Framework 42 - Bronze Software Labs Ltd
Internet of Things enablement solution that enables local authorities to mobilise citizen engagement, connecting people to people, people to things and things to things.

Save-a-Space - Accelogress Ltd
A cloud-based parking management solution which will enable towns to support drivers to plan or make a car journey to their preferred destination via the free Save-a-Space app.

See.Sense - Limeforge Ltd
See.Sense ICON brings breakthrough software to an intelligent bike light for the first time. Its sensors collect cyclist & city data on the go.

Sentiance UK Ltd
Sentiance makes Smart City Life more enjoyable in terms of mobility, helping people adopt sustainable Smart Mobility.

Smart CO1 - Smart Compliance Ltd
Smart Compliance Ltd have developed an intelligent carbon monoxide detector with a managed service for alerts.

Velo-City Sensor - Vivacity Labs Ltd
Velo-City from Vivacity Lab's, provide intelligent cameras to quantify use of transport networks, providing real-time data to citizens and operators.