We are delighted to announce that the winner was babylon, who have developed a fully integrated mobile healthcare service with an app which provides an end-to-end service, from helping people to diagnose a health problem to virtual consultations with top doctors, appointment booking and prescription delivery supported by secure access to clinical records.

The runners-up were Educater who have built a digital system to help schools help pupils with special educational needs, and Fluency, who teach in-demand digital skills through their learning platform, helping to fill the skills gap in the digital sector.

The other finalists who pitched their ideas to the judges at the BT Tower were:

PlusGuidance - An online counselling platform that helps people securely and discreetly connect with a counsellor that's right for them; by video-calling, voice-calling and instant messaging.

KO-SU – The next generation of mobile learning in making mobile technology more accessible and easier to use for trainers, teachers and learners. KO-SU removes the barriers of prohibitive development costs and inflexibility associated with native mobile apps.

Myflo - A teaching platform that improves how teachers collaborate, share and develop outstanding lessons. It facilitates the sharing of expertise and maximises networks, allowing schools to scale their support for other schools and can be used in any learning environment.

HTK / the job hunter - Our proposal is centred upon an app that alerts young people to local jobs, volunteering and training opportunities based on their preferences, skills and location.

Thanks to all the SMEs who entered the competition.

BT Infinity Awards March 2015