Going beyond the basics

In this section you'll find everything you need to help a friend or family member get online.

Once you've gone through the basics, it's time for your friend or relative to practice and explore the internet on their own.

Practice makes perfect

Learn My Way Online Basics is a great package of free online courses your beginner can use.

These are the perfect next step for the person you've been teaching to practice what they've learned and to develop their skills. To get started with these courses, just register here.

UK Online Centres also have hubs all over the UK, where tutors and volunteers can help your beginner to complete the easy-to-use Online Basics courses in person.

You can search for a nearby centre on the UK Online Centres website or call 0800 77 1234, 8am to 10pm 7 days a week.

Learn, socialise and have fun

There are lots of local groups and online forums that the person you've been teaching might like to join.

Local or online courses are also a great way to use the internet to learn new skills and socialise. Perhaps your beginner has a special interest in a certain hobby or subject, and you could help them sign up for a course? A simple search online should give you some good ideas.



Find a free course near you

Find a course near you
See where your nearest UK Online Centre is and get free computer lessons. There are a huge range of venues and courses available, so finding help near you couldn't be easier!

Help someone get online

Learn My Way
Register for free courses and help someone get online today.

With one simple sign up you'll get access to a fantastic range of online courses.

We're here to help

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