Subject checklist

In this section you'll find everything you need to help a friend or family member get online.

There's so much to do online, but it's best to start with the very basics. Here's our Get IT Together subject checklist to help you remember to cover all the important bits with your beginner.

Don't forget we have guides to help explain all the main topics in the For beginners section.

1. Getting started

Turning on the computer

Remember to show how to turn it off too!

Using a computer

This should cover using the mouse, including how to double-click and what this does. Also explain how to type using the keyboard, and what the different keys (like shift, space, return, and caps lock) do.

Go to our beginner's tutorial on how to use a computer.

2. Internet basics

Connecting to the internet

Is there a desktop shortcut or menu option they need to click on to start the programme?

Using a web browser

Explain what a web browser looks like. Go through the different parts of the browser window - for example, explaining where the address bar and the back button are.

Searching the internet

Show how to use a search engine. Which search engine does the person learning find easiest to use? Saving a shortcut to the desktop might be a good idea.


Choose an email provider and set up an email account. Explain how to log in to their email account and perhaps create a desktop shortcut for this too. Take them through how to send an email step-by-step.

For more information, go to our beginner's tutorial on using the internet.

3. What you can do online

Exploring the internet

Now it's time to show the person you're teaching some of the great opportunities they have now that they're online. Our guide to what you can do online covers the basics and makes some suggestions. Why not add a personal touch and go through some sites you think might be of interest to the person you're teaching?

Show your friend or relative just how easy it is to find things online – and don't forget to have fun!

Watch our video for extra inspiration

For more information on what to teach and how, watch our video guide on showing someone how to get online.

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video – how to open up the online world for someone you know

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