Success stories

Through our Get IT Together scheme, we want to help people discover the digital world through the support of a friend or family member.

Success stories

When you're learning something new, it's nice to know you're not alone. So we thought we'd share some of the inspirational stories we hear about people learning to get online together.

Gabby Logan, TV presenter

Gabby Logan shares her top tips on helping someone get online and explains how it felt to teach her mum all about the internet. 

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Great Barr School

BT Internet Ranger School of the Year 2010, Birmingham

For three years, pupils from Great Barr School in Birmingham have been teaching residents of their local nursing home all about computers and the internet.

But it's not just a one-way experience. While sharing their IT knowledge, the student teachers learn from the residents' insights on life experiences and social history. In fact, the initiative has proved so popular, it's been recognised by the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust as an example of best practice.

Great Barr is planning to use the £4,000 prize money to buy laptops and larger sized keyboards to support the pupils' work and allow residents to practise their skills in between lessons.

Tony Murphy

Age UK Internet Champion of the Year Finalist 2011

As a full time carer, Tony spends much of the week at home looking after his wife, who has Pick's disease. So being able to use the internet to take part in support groups and get in touch with other carers is very important.

Tony also uses the internet to manage his household bills, and enjoys finding good shopping deals online.

"The internet lets me to manage my affairs in my own time and helps me keep in touch with friends and family, as well as keep an eye on my local football team!" said Tony.

Terri Miller, 15

BT Internet Ranger of the Year, Scotland and overall UK winner

Overall UK winner Terri Miller realised she could help disabled people get online while spending time with her cousin, who has severe cerebral palsy.

"Giving other people the opportunity to experience what I experience in terms of computer accessibility makes us all a bit more equal," said Terri.

After running trial sessions at her school, she approached youth workers at her community centre with her idea – computer classes for disabled young people. Terri started out by teaching her students how to write emails to each other, pairing the class as pen pals. She then began to broaden their experience by playing games, using search engines and seeking out information on the internet.

Lilly-Ann, who has Downs Syndrome, said Terri "made my life more enjoyable. I find it hard to communicate with people. Being able to use the internet and send emails makes it easier."

Simon Parsons, 15

BT Internet Ranger of the Year Runner Up, Southampton

With a bit of help from his teacher and a few schoolmates, Simon Parsons set up IT classes for more than 60 people in his local area.

Most attendees to Simon's classes were over 65 and had little or no experience of computers before joining. Now they all have email accounts and can use the internet to keep in touch with friends and family, go shopping and research family history.

Simon loved the experience: "The best bit was seeing people getting used to it – you could see it in their faces, they were beaming".

He also disagrees with the view that older people are not willing or able to learn new things: "That's usually because they haven't been given a chance yet. I've found that learning to use computers is like learning a new language – slow at the beginning but at a certain point it just clicks," he says.


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