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Find out about our commitment to inclusion, how to track orders and report faults, and how to get information in alternative formats.

We want to make sure you get the information you need in a way that's easy for you to use and understand.

We can provide bills, leaflets and brochures in formats that you might find easier to use than print. These include:

audio – we provide audio information on CDs so you can hear it read out loud. This might help you if you have a visual impairment, a specific learning difficulty like dyslexia, or if you find it difficult to read printed information

Braille – we use grade 2 single-sided Braille, which is quicker to read as some words are abbreviated

large print – we provide lots of user guides, contracts and letters in large print (20 point Arial or 20 point BT Medium).

What do we provide in alternative formats? 

BT bills

We can give you your bill in Braille, large print or on audio CD (which you can play on a CD player, an MP3 player or a computer). The CD also includes a text file that will work with most screen readers. You could also try online billing, where you can view your BT bill online and change the format of your bill. Just go to

  1. login to My BT using your BT ID and password
  2. go to see your latest bill
  3. from the navigation bar choose the option “how I’m billed”
  4. change your bill settings, like the format and language. 

More about online billing.

Product and service information

When you buy a new phone or order a new service from us, it comes with a printed guide. We also supply user guides in Braille, large print and audio formats. You can ask for one of these by calling 0800 150 150. You might also like to search for a BT user guide online, or look at our range of online videos on BTCare  – the video help channel for BT customers living in the UK.

Including You: BT's Guide to help you communicate

In this guide, you'll find information about our standard and more specialised products and services. We hope it’ll be useful for everyone, but it's especially aimed at our customers who find communication more challenging. You can download the guide or request it in a different format.

Application form – Free Priority Fault Repair Scheme

Under this scheme, we give you priority over standard care levels by dealing with faults as soon as we can, every day of the year – including Christmas Day. It’s free for any BT customer with a disability or long-term illness who has a genuine need for an urgent repair. To find out more about the scheme and whether you meet the criteria, see

Request an application form in an alternative format.

Application form – Protected Services Scheme

Protected Services is a scheme to help safeguard your phone services if you can’t pay your bill in exceptional circumstances – like being in hospital for a long time. Request an application form.

Directory enquiries

If you find it difficult to read The Phone Book, why not try using the online version provided free at You might also be eligible for our 195 free directory enquiry service. For an application form, call us on 0800 587 0195. Opening hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 4.30pm.  


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