Track your orders and report faults

Find out about our commitment to inclusion, how to track orders and report faults, and how to get information in alternative formats.

Once you've ordered something from us, it's easy to find out the status of your order on the website. And if anything goes wrong with your phone line, broadband or BT TV, you can report a fault and track its progress online as well.

Tracking a phone, broadband or BT TV order

We've made it as easy as possible to track your BT phone, broadband or TV order. You'll need your phone number (if you have one), postcode and order reference to track your order. Your order reference will have been sent to you by email or letter, or given to you by the advisor who placed your order.

Track your order.

Track a BT Shop order

If you’ve ordered something from the BT Shop, the Shop’s help pages will let you know how to track your order, cancel or change your order, arrange a return  and answer a whole range of other questions.

You can also contact the BT Shop directly by filling in a simple online form.

Reporting a fault

If you think you might have a fault with your phone line, it's easy to check this on our website. We’ll help you test your line and try to solve the problem. If you still have a problem after this, it will be reported as a fault, and we'll get in touch with you to sort it out.

You can also report faults on other people's phone lines, faults with payphones, and track faults that you've already told us about.

Report or track a fault.

Stay connected even when you have a fault

We can set you up with free call diversion so you'll still get calls even if your phone line is out of action. Call Diversion lets you divert your calls to almost any phone you want, including your mobile. We can also set a recorded message that tells callers that there's a fault on your line. You'll need to tell us to activate either of these while we fix your line.

Find out more on our help pages 

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