Getting the best from call packages

These days there are so many different ways to get your phone, internet and TV that the choice can be bewildering. We've brought together some tips here to help you find a way to get everything you need that's within your budget.

Finding the best phone deal

The best phone deal for you will depend on when you use the phone and the types of call you make.

  • If you make most of your calls at weekends, you can probably find a package that includes these with your line rental.
  • If you make most of your calls during the day, look for a package that includes daytime calls (like BT’s Unlimited Anytime Calls).
  • Always check how much it costs if you make calls at times that aren’t included in your package.
  • Make sure you know what times your provider counts as ‘peak’ and ‘off-peak’. You’ll often be charged more for making a call during peak times.

What to watch out for

Business and helpline numbers

Businesses and helplines sometimes use numbers beginning with 03, 0845 or 0870. Some providers don’t include calls to these numbers as part of their unlimited call allowance, so if you often contact these types of numbers, look for a package that includes them. All BT’s packages include calls to these numbers.

International calls

If you often make international calls, look for a deal that lets you get these cheaper. BT’s add-ons make it easier to stay in touch with loved ones abroad.

If you make a few international calls every month, you can get discounted call rates to 236 countries with BT’s Friends and Family International.

If you make a lot of international calls, you can get inclusive calls to our 36 most popular international destinations plus cheap calls to another 199 countries with BT’s International Freedom.

Find out more about BT’s international add-ons.

Service numbers

Service numbers starting 08, 09 or 118 are used by lots of organisations like banks and government departments and for voting on TV shows. The cost of calling these numbers can be confusing and new changes came into effect on 1 July 2015 that should help make the charges clearer. To find out more, go to

How BT can help

Find the best call package with BT Right Plan

Not sure which call package to go for? Right Plan is an online tool for BT customers that helps you find the best calling plan for you. We look at how and when you use the phone over a 30-day period. Then we’ll suggest a different call package if it would work out cheaper.

Find out more about BT Right Plan.

A fixed price phone package with BT Home Phone Saver

Our Home Phone Saver is an all-inclusive phone package with a fixed price for a fixed time, giving you protection from price rises and bill surprises – and cutting down nuisance calls too.

The package includes:

  • monthly line rental
  • Unlimited Anytime Calls – free calls to UK landlines, 0845 and 0870 numbers at any time of the day
  • protection against nuisance calls, with calling features like BT Privacy with Caller Display
  • a choice of ways to pay.

The price is guaranteed – and we’ll tell you how long for. Find out more about BT Home Phone Saver.  

Get a great value phone deal with BT Basic

BT Basic is our simple, low-cost phone package designed for people on a tight budget. Find out more about BT Basic.

Saving money with your mobile

BT SmartTalk app

If you’re a BT customer, you can use our SmartTalk app to make phone calls from your smartphone and have them billed as if you’re calling from your home phone. So you can take advantage of your calling package’s inclusive calls on your smartphone, including calls to 0800, 0845 and 0870 numbers. Find out more about BT SmartTalk.

Watch out for unexpected bills

A lot of mobile phone contracts come with cheap handsets, inclusive minutes, texts and data. But if you go over your allowances, your bill could come as a nasty surprise. Ofcom, the communications regulator, has come up with four guides to help you steer clear of bill shock bombshells. To download them, search for ‘bill shock’ at the Ofcom website.

Find out more about BT’s phone packages and bundles.

Documents & downloads

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