Text relay

If you're on the phone and you or your caller are struggling to understand or hear each other, the Next Generation Text (NGT) service can help.

How you use NGT depends on what you need it for. To help keep it simple, the service has been split into four sections to match individual’s needs.

  • Type & Read is best if you can’t hear and don't use your voice
  • Speak & Read should be used if you can't hear but do use your voice
  • Type & Hear will be most useful if you can hear but don't use your voice
  • Speak & Hear works best if you can hear and want to speak to someone who uses NGT

The NGT website gives you more detail on each of these.

How does NGT work?

It works through our NGT Lite app, which you can download to your smartphone, tablet, or computer. When you’re making a call in Type & Read mode, it’ll let you type what you want to say. A relay assistant will then speak your message to the person you're calling. Then the relay assistant will type your caller’s reply back for you to read on your screen.

You can use the app wherever you go. It works for phone banking, ordering takeaways, shopping and booking taxis. It’s as simple as typing then reading your phone conversation. It also works with older dedicated textphones.

Call charges

The cost of making phone calls through the Next Generation Text (NGT) Service depends on your telephone service provider. Providers may include these calls in your calls bundles or free call minutes. If you have any questions about your call charges or billing please contact your phone service provider, their contact details will be on your phone bill.

BT customers are automatically provided with a rebate for the text part of these calls. 

The NGT Lite app

You can download the app on Android, iOS and MS Windows. There are help videos on the website to show you how to get going with it.

Downloading and installing NGT Lite - Android

Downloading and installing NGT Lite - iPad and iPhone

Downloading and installing NGT lite – MS Windows

You can also download a quick start guide to setting up the app on your Android device.

How do I use the NGT Lite app?

  1. Download and install the software (as shown in the videos above).
  2. You’ll then need to add a prefix to the number you want to call, which will depend on how you’re using the service.
    a. If you’re using the app or a textphone to make a call, the prefix is 18001.
    b. If you’re being called from a standard telephone line they’ll need to use 18002 instead.
  3. Make sure the app is running and make a standard voice call.
  4. Select “Join” on the app and that’s it – you may see “Ring Ring” until the called person answers or other service signals like number unobtainable.

What’s a TextNumber and how does it work?

It’s another way to contact an NGT user.

The TextNumber will be associated with their telephone number and can be used as an easily remembered alternative to the combined prefix and number.

This is particularly useful where online forms do not allow the prefix 18002 and full number.

Once it’s set up, anyone can use it to call you, for more information take a look at the NGT website.


It doesn’t matter if the prefix or the TextNumber is used, the call will still get to where it’s supposed to go.



NGT Lite app

NGT Lite app
Download the quick start guide to setting up on your Android or iOS device

NGT case study

NGT logo

Watch a video, put together by the NDCS, showing young people using the NGT service.

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