Try Before You Buy – helping you make the right choice

Our Try Before You Buy centres are a national network of places where you can try out our phones and accessories to make sure what you find what's right for you.

To become a Try Before You Buy (TBYB) centre, you’ll need to register as a health or social care professional with our Including You Community.

Registration is quick and easy, and gives you direct access to our help desk by email and phone. You can even place orders for your clients.

You'll also get a monthly newsletter with the latest news, advice and information to help your clients get more from their home phone, get started with broadband and much more.

Register as a health or social care professional.

How Try Before You Buy centres work

As well as the benefits of being registered as a health or social care professional, Try Before You Buy centres also get the latest phones on loan and all our available literature.

To qualify to become a Try Before You Buy centre:

  • you should be open to the public at set hours, preferably as a drop-in centre
  • centres that are open by appointment only will be considered if reasonable appointment slots are made available
  • your buildings need to be accessible to people with disabilities
  • your centre should be staffed by professionals or skilled volunteers
  • you should nominate one key contact, who will:
    • enter all necessary information about your centre for our online listings, and keep it up to date
    • make sure the equipment we loan you is kept safe and secure.

We can’t loan phones to use in non-permanent centres, like churches or village halls. We have the right to take back loaned equipment if it isn’t used much or isn’t kept securely.

Typical loaned equipment

Once you've become a Try Before You Buy centre, we'll loan you a range of products that could help your clients. Examples include our very popular large button phones, cordless handsets and the BT ToneCaller amplified ringer.

To apply to become a Try Before You Buy centre, log in to the community and then choose TBYB application in the left-hand menu.    

Documents & downloads

A complete list of our helpful guides as pdfs or ebooks.

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