Finding the right phone can make such a difference to communicating with confidence

BT customer Bob from Walsall changed his old basic telephone for the BT4500 in July 2013 and he hasn't looked back since.

Bob, why did you need to change your phone and why did you choose the BT4500 Big Button phone?

I'm a bit hard of hearing and I could hardly hear people on my old phone. The attraction of the BT4500 was being able to turn the volume right up, and the earpiece is a good snug shape. Just these things alone have made a massive difference – when I'm on the phone it's almost like having full hearing again.

When you got the phone, was it easy to set up?

From the off, it was obvious what to do. There was a simple User Guide that came with the phone which was very easy to follow and we got going with it straightaway. After that, the menus and instructions on the phone itself made it easy to find your way around the various functions.

I haven't got the call blocking feature working yet, but I think that's because I don't have the Caller Display service on my line at the moment, so I'm looking at getting that now.

So apart from having more volume, how does this phone help?

The display is clear, bright and large, and the number buttons are so nice to use – now I don't need to find and put my glasses on every time I want to make a call.

And when it rings I don't need to stop what I'm doing. I can just press play, use the hands-free feature and carry on.

The answering machine is brilliant because people often gabble so quickly these days! Now I can just play back the messages slowly so I don't miss anything. And because I'm often outside with my dogs, if I miss a call the display shows me who's called and at what time – then if it's someone I don't know or wasn't expecting I can just delete their message without wasting time listening to it.

The phone book on the phone is really helpful too. If I'm out, my wife can just find my mobile number by name instead of having to look it up all the time.

And if you were awarding stars, how many would you give the BT4500 Big Button phone out of five?

It's a definite five from me because it's just so easy to use and has made such a difference to us.

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