New Including You website launches

We’re pleased to bring you a brand new Including You website. Since the old site launched five years ago our traffic’s been growing all the time, and we’ve been adding more and more information.

We’ve now completely redesigned the site, giving it a fresh new look and making all the information on it as clear and up to date as possible.

Over the past year we’ve listened carefully to what you’ve told us in our survey and at events around the country. And we’ve taken your comments into account when building the new site. Here are some of the things we’ve changed:

  • we’ve made things easier to find, so it’s quicker to discover information like how to contact us
  • the site will work on whatever device you’re using to look at it – and it’ll resize to fit the screen (this is called ‘responsive design’)
  • we’ve added links so that you can easily share content. So if you like a product you can share it on Facebook or Twitter, for example
  • we’ve added information about more accessories that can help you communicate
  • we’ve worked with the charity AbilityNet to make sure the site’s as accessible as possible.

British Sign Language (BSL) videos

We’re updating all of our BSL content and uploading new videos as soon as they’re ready. Eventually there’ll be BSL videos on most pages on the site but, as we’re starting from scratch, it’ll take a while to build up all the information.


BT Big Button 200

This is our most popular phone, with lots of features that make calling easier. It has large, well-spaced buttons, easy volume controls, and can be used with a hearing aid.

Further Reading

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We're here to help

Go to our Help and support section for tips and advice on making this site easier to use, using our services, understanding impairments, and contacting us. To get in touch right now, use the Email, Chat or BSL links.