The free new communications booklet we’ve been working on with Hearing Link is now available.

Communication Choices: your hearing, your life‘Communication Choices: your hearing, your life’ explores the impact from when someone discovers they have a hearing problem, through to being diagnosed, onto learning how to live with hearing loss.

Lorraine Gailey, chief executive of Hearing Link said: “We believe this joint publication fills a gap in the types of information currently available to people with hearing loss across the UK.

“When you first notice a change in your hearing it can be difficult to know which path to choose or who to approach for support. This guide is full of useful information that will support you on that journey and also help in making choices in regard to your communication needs.

“Hearing Link will be making this guide widely available across the UK, via our website, electronically and in hard copy format. If you would like to receive a hard copy, please contact our Helpdesk.”

The booklet is available now on our BT Including You site as an accessible PDF and later as an eBook.