Encouraging independent communication for deaf teens

A new video is helping deaf youngsters get to grips with using BT’s award-winning Next Generation Text (NGT) Service.

The clip shows how easy it is to use NGT to independently make phone calls whether out and about or at home.

When a group of teenage friends want to get some food, the conversation turns to how difficult it can be using the phone when it’s hard to hear the other person.

One of the group says ‘we don’t need anyone, we can do it ourselves’ and shows the others how effortless it is to order a pizza using the NGT Lite app.

Lorna Stephenson, head of service development at BT said: “We have been delighted to have had the support of The National Deaf Children's Society in the production of this video clip and very much hope that we will be successful in reaching out to young deaf people, showing them how the NGT Lite app can help improve their access to real-time communication, particularly on the move.”

Introducing NGT to a new generation

NGT Lite appThe free NGT Lite app helps people who need to use text, to communicate with others over the phone either directly or through a relay assistant. The relay assistant acts as an intermediary to convert speech to text and vice versa for the two people in conversation.

Whether it’s used to chat to friends, book cinema tickets or make an appointment, the service gives hearing and speech-impaired people more freedom to communicate self-sufficiently.

Calls can be made using a smartphone, tablet, or a computer.

Tyron Woolfe, deputy director, children and young people at The National Deaf Children's Society said: “It’s my belief that exposure to conversations are imperative to children’s development. Here’s to young deaf people using NGTS services!”

The one-minute video is available to view on The Buzz, The National Deaf Children's Society website for young people.

Check out the Next Generation Text Service website for more and how to download the app

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