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The UK population is ageing. And, as we get older, we're more likely to develop health problems and illnesses. So more and more of us are arranging for someone we trust to look after our affairs for us. One way of doing that is with a power of attorney.

Additional information for attorneys

Once we've let you know that you're set up as an attorney, we can agree and arrange with you how you pay the BT bill (for example, setting up a Direct Debit) and keep you up to date with the account status. If your donor manages their BT account online, you'll need to know their log-in details.

Protected Services Scheme

This is a free scheme to protect your donor if they can't pay the phone bill due to exceptional circumstances, such as stays in hospital. All BT accounts that are managed through power of attorney are automatically included in this scheme. You can find out more by downloading our Protected Services Scheme booklet.

Network Controlled Calling

You may find that your donor has been making repeat phone calls to certain numbers. This can be distressing and expensive, especially if the calls are to premium rate numbers. Network Controlled Calling lets you limit the numbers that can be called from your donor's home phone line. Find out more about network controlled calling.

Need some help with communications?

In cases of long-term illness or disability where the phone is a vital link, we have some products and services that might help. You can find out more on our documents and downloads page.

Useful links and downloads

The subject of power of attorney can be confusing. Here are some links and downloadable guides you might find useful.

Alzheimers Society

Age UK (Opens a PDF)


Citizens Advice

Office of the Public Guardian

Court of Protection

Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)


Dementia-friendly business guide

Dementia-friendly business guide

Toolkit on working towards becoming a dementia-friendly organisation

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