Appointee (BF57)

The UK population is ageing. And, as we get older, we're more likely to develop health problems and illnesses. So more and more of us are arranging for someone we trust to look after our affairs for us. One way of doing that is with a power of attorney.

Appointee requests

Appointee requests (sometimes referred to as BF57’s) are administered by the Department for Works and Pensions (DWP). Appointees become responsible for the collection and administration of a person’s social security benefits, pensions and allowances. Any money received must be used in the dependents best interests, for example; towards meeting everyday living costs and payment of bills.

BT will accept an appointee request only if this has been processed by the DWP and includes an official stamp on the front page of the BF57 form

An appointee must inform BT if there are any changes that impact on this arrangement, for example;

  • The person the appointee is responsible for becomes able to manage their own affairs
  • The DWP or other agencies end the arrangements, or you wish to end the arrangement  

Accessing & sharing information

Acting on behalf of a person with dementia

The law in this area can be complex for both people and organisations, leading to confusion about the rights people have under the Data Protection Act. This publication supports people affected by dementia to understand their rights. It has been put together by the Alzheimer's Society with the help of various businesses including BT.

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