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This section provides information on latest or emerging scams. The links will take you to websites from partners such as government and law enforcement agencies to charities and financial institutions, who are all interested in promoting consumer protection.

Latest scams including news

Focus on Money Mules

Behaviours that put you at risk of becoming a money mule

  • Responding to job adverts or social media posts that promise large amounts of money for very little work.
  • Failing to research a potential employer, particularly one based overseas, before handing over your personal or financial details to them.
  • Allowing an employer, or someone you don't know and trust, to use your bank account to transfer money.

How to protect yourself

  • No legitimate company will ever ask you to use your own bank account to transfer their money. Don't accept any job offers that ask you to do this.
  • Be especially wary of job offers from people or companies overseas as it will be harder for you to find out if they really are legitimate.
  • Never give your financial details to someone you don't know and trust.


Cold spell sparks a warning for last minute skiers as victims lose over £200k in 2017 to ski chalet fraud

As people look at booking last minute skiing holidays for the year, Action Fraud and the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) are warning of the threat posed by fraudsters.

New pilot programme to combat scams targeting older Londoners with Age UK

To combat the rise of fraud and online crime affecting older people, Age UK has launched a brand new fraud prevention and victim support pilot programme in partnership with Action Fraud.

Victims lost £41 million to romance fraud in 2017

New statistics released ahead of Valentine's Day prove that the UK is continuing to lose huge amounts of money to romance fraud – with victims conned out of £41 million in 2017 alone. This is according to figures from The City of London Police, whose remit covers online fraud nationwide, working with Get Safe Online and its partners.

Fraudsters using the name of the British Council

Action Fraud is warning the public about fraudsters that are using the name of the British Council to trick businesses and individuals into handing over money.

Investors lose over £87k a day to binary options fraud

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is today urging the public to be vigilant to the threat of online investment fraud.

Alert: We're aware of fake websites selling tickets for the Anthony Joshua and Joseph Parker boxing match before their official release date

Action Fraud is warning the public not to purchase tickets for the Anthony Joshua and Joseph Parker Heavyweight World title boxing match on websites that are offering them before their official release date.

Rise in reports of fake Sainsbury's refund email

Fraudsters are sending out fake Sainsbury's gift vouchers via email, with 15 reports received from members of the public yesterday.

UK victims defrauded by fraudsters via Western Union transfers may be eligible for refund

Action Fraud is contacting around 22,000 UK victims who have made a report of fraud in which they stated that the method of transfer for payments involved a money transfer via Western Union.

To look at previous scams over the past year, visit Action Frauds website and check out their news archive.

How do you use social media?

This film captures a stunt which took place in a London coffee shop. With the promise of a free coffee and a croissant, people were asked to 'like' the café's Facebook page. In just 3 minutes a team searched across public websites to find as much personal information and data as possible. Watch the video below to see what happened or go to the full story.

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'Don't make it easy for fraudsters. Update your privacy settings'.

Stop and think

What convicted criminals had to say on how easy it is to get personal in the public domain

What convicted criminals had to say on how easy it is to get personal in the public domain

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