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BT’s technology partnership with Williams Martini Racing

As an official technology partner to Williams Martini Racing, BT is providing the Formula One team with innovative communications technology to help improve car performance.

The team now relies on us to connect the race team from trackside around the world to the race operations centre in Grove, Oxfordshire (UK).

With each race producing between 60 and 80 GB of raw data that needs to be sent securely and analysed in real time, high-speed secure connections are vital. Our global network is delivering a 100Mbps connection speed from every test and race venue.

By sharing and analysing very large quantities of data - in real time, team members in different locations can now work together to improve car performance. We’ve enabled engineers at Grove to receive real time data from the car during practises, in qualifying rounds, and in the race itself and communicate with the team at the track more effectively.

Gigabytes of data generated from the race can be turned into actionable insights quickly in order to deliver real-time advice to the drivers. Helping to shave off thousandths of a second from lap times can be the difference between winning and losing.

For more information go to www.bt.com/WilliamsRacing


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