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6th April 2011

Top fundraising tips from a top fundraiser!

Kirsteen EllisKirsteen Ellis from Suffolk is a fantastic fundraiser. From organising coffee morning and sponsored talent shows to taking part charity walks, Kirsteen spends her spare time raising money for Cancer Research UK. Here she gives her top tips to being a successful fundraiser.

1. Start small. If you’ve not done any fundraising before it can be quite daunting. So, how about a movie night with your mates? Get a film (you know the type - Mamma Mia, Dirty Dancing, Top Gun etc etc!!!!) a few friends and nibbles then ask for entrance of just a few pounds. You could ask everyone to bring a raffle prize and do a draw at the end of the night.

2. If that went well how about seeing if you can take it one step further and do a movie night at your local hall or school. If you say it is for charity they may let you use the facilities for free or at least advertise it for you.

3. Be realistic with the time you can put aside for fundraising. If you end up doing too much, you may come to resent it and your fundraising experience will be stressful AND quite possibly very short lived.

4. If you are planning on taking on a personal challenge such as running a marathon, swimming the length of the channel or embarking on a bike ride the length and breadth of the UK, do it with a couple of friends. The training time with be long and hard. You’ve got to commit a lot of your time – but also take into consideration how it may affect the people around you too.

5. In this economic climate people are not so able to just give money for sponsorship. So give them something in return like a car washing day or a picnic in a local park.

6. Be aware of your skills. If you know you are a great organiser and book-keeper - but not so hot on asking for things or talking to strangers - get someone on board to do that for you.

7. Ask! Ask! Ask! – Ask for people time, skills, ideas, raffle donations, advice and experiences. If you don't ask, you don't get. It’s hard to start with as you may feel you are hassling people. But if you truly believe in the charity, you will find a way of asking so you don't make people feel uncomfortable.

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