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Download charity documents

  1. Please ensure you have completed the online registration process.

  2. Please complete and return the appropriate forms attached below.

  3. We will also need you to provide an original bank statement or certified letter from your bank dated within the last three months. This will be returned to you following verification.

Charity application form
To be completed as part of your initial registration process.

ChV1 form
Please complete and return only if your charity is already registered with HMRC for Gift Aid and you would like MyDonate to collect Gift Aid on donations to your charity.

We have pre-filled the information needed on page 4 (boxes 36-39) and ticked the relevant box on page 7, so your charity only needs to complete page 1 (boxes 1 - 8) and all of page 6. You will need to print the form and sign in ink on Page 6, before sending with all other appropriate forms to us at: MyDonate Correspondence, BT, Durham, DH98 1BT.

Please do not send any forms to HMRC Charities team in Liverpool (as printed on the form) as this will result in your application and/or Gift Aid payments being delayed.

Change of bank details form
Please complete this form when you advise us of a change to your existing bank account on MyDonate.

Register your charity

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