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My Donate - The latest news for charities and fundraising organisations from BT's MyDonate team

Hello and welcome to the first issue of the MyDonate newsletter for charities. We hope this will be a great way of keeping you up to date with what's happening across the service.

Of course, making sure you are kept informed is something that's extremely important to us. Just as important for us however is listening to what you tell us about your experience of the service, which is why we urge you to get in touch with us about anything that's on your mind - whenever you want to.

Since our launch in April 2011, more than 3,600 charities have registered with MyDonate and we've listened hard to what is working well and where we can do better. Our aim is to make the MyDonate service the best we can for all our users whether charities, fundraisers or donors and we'll achieve this if you keep on telling us what you want. Indeed the two stories below are sound examples of where you've let us know about improvements or changes you'd like to see, and where we've listened and acted.

In this issue:

Reporting package upgrade

New toolkit buttons

Fundraisers do it together

Cookie settings

The Great North Run

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Major upgrade to our reporting package

The MyDonate reporting package has been significantly enhanced - and it's all down to you.

You told us that the initial reporting package wasn't quite up to scratch in terms of flexibility, data consistency and financial reconciliation. And we've been working hard behind the scenes on these areas.

We've now launched a new reporting feature designed to answer all these concerns. Please take a look and tell us what you think. If you're using the previous report package, don't worry, the two will run in parallel until September to give you time to get used to the new version.

It's worth adding that if you are a new charity registering on MyDonate, you'll only see the upgraded package - we didn't want to confuse anyone.

We're committed to ensuring MyDonate meets your needs, so please keep the feedback (good, bad and ugly) coming. Don't forget our support desk is available to assist you with questions on reporting or any other areas of MyDonate. The live chat team love getting stuck in with your queries and they're delighted to know that over 95% of you are very or extremely satisfied with their service, although they're working on reaching the 100!


There's something new in our toolkit

We've created a new set of buttons to help you with your promotion. You can quickly and easily add these buttons to your emails or your website so your supporters can just click straight through to your event, profile or your donation page.

Again, this was all your idea. So thank you. We think they look really fab and we hope you agree and that you find them useful.

Image shows a range of black, white or violet glossy buttons with a variety of messaging to encourage people to fundraise or donate to events and charities.


Fundraisers can now do it together

Another new feature recently added to the MyDonate website means that charity fundraisers can raise money together as part of a team.

The new function was developed following feedback from users who said that fundraising as part of a group was more fun and enjoyable.


Have you updated your cookie settings?

We know that a number of charities had some difficulties navigating around the MyDonate site recently because of some changes we needed to make in line with the EU Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (relating to 'cookies consent').

The good news is that we've been able to fix the problem - but we're continuing to monitor the situation.

We'd like to remind charities to check you've updated your own cookie setting on MyDonate should you wish to allow full access to the suite of social media channels.


A quick reminder about the BUPA Great
North Run (September 16th)

If you've got runners competing - remember to recommend they create a page on MyDonate to make every penny count for your charity. BUPA Great North Run has chosen MyDonate - the free online fundraising service from BT to help raise as much money as possible for charities in 2012.


Feel free to forward this newsletter

If you've got runners competing - remember to recommend they create a page on MyDonate to make every penny count for your charity. MyDonate want to make sure that our newsletters get to the right people in your organisation so please feel free to forward this on to them so that they can sign up for the next one.

If this newsletter has been forwarded to you, you may like to sign up to receive it in future.


The free fundraising service where every penny donated goes directly to charity

Image shows how a charity donation of £10 made through the MyDonate service can increase to at least £12.35 when Gift Aid is added because MyDonate does not charge commission or fees, excluding credit or debit card charges.

MyDonate makes sure that all of your donation (except for charges levied by the donors own credit or debit card company) goes direct to the charity. As much as £2 can be lost in commission and charges when making a donation through other online donation platforms.

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