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Hello and welcome to issue number three of the MyDonate newsletter for charities.

There are a number of significant fundraising events just around the corner including The Great Manchester Run (May 26th) and Race for Life at Regents Park (June 1st).

Which prompts us to highlight our new 'Popular Events' feature on MyDonate - designed to help charities get the most from events like these. You can read more about Popular Events below.

In addition, we've got some news about our brand new toolkit available on the MyDonate site as well as a reminder about some changes to Gift Aid being made by HMRC.

We hope you find this to be a really useful read.

Best regards

The MyDonate team

Popular Events - designed to help
Our brand new toolkit
Gift Aid changes coming soon
New MyDonate help guides are on their way
Promotional buttons update
Business challenge to overcome? Try BT Troubleshooter

We've recently added a brand new feature to MyDonate - Popular Events. It's designed to help charities raise more money from popular fundraising events such as The Great Run and Great Swim series, or the London Marathon.

As a result, you will no longer have to spend time building these events yourselves - it'll be done for you.

A number of charities have already taken advantage of Popular Events, so if you haven't had a look, why not do it now?

Getting started is really easy. All you need to do is log in to your MyDonate account, click on the 'Fundraising events' menu and go to the 'Popular Events' section. From there you can:

•  See which events are scheduled and have been built for you
•  Decide which ones you want to 'create'
•  'Edit' the events, providing charity specific information
•  Choose whether to display the event on your Charity Profile page

New events just added:

Prudential Ride London-Surrey 100

The Prudential Ride London-Surrey 100 event takes place on Sunday 4th August 2013. The route covers 100 miles over closed roads through London and out into the breath-taking countryside of Surrey before returning to London and a finish on The Mall.

Prudential Ride London-Surrey 100 Business Relay

The Prudential Ride London-Surrey 100 Business Relay event takes place on Sunday 4th August 2013. Teams of four riders will cover 100 miles in four x 25 mile sections over closed roads through London and out into the breath-taking countryside of Surrey before returning to London and a finish on The Mall.

More than 50 Charities have guaranteed places in the events.

Our brand new toolkit is jam-packed with hints, tips and advice for charities

We are thrilled to announce that our all-new toolkit for charities (and fundraisers) is now available on the MyDonate site.

The toolkit is jam-packed with hits and tips and great ideas, all designed to help charities get more out of online fundraising.

And over the next few months we'll be adding even more to
our toolkit.

So if there's anything you'd really like to see in there - something that you as a charity would find really handy - please let us know by email from our 'Contact us' page.

Important changes to Gift Aid

You might already be aware but HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) says Gift Aid repayments will be quicker and easier for charities and sports clubs from April.

We understand that HMRC is writing to 110,000 charities and Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASCs) informing them that, from April 22, they can enrol to make repayment claims online, through the HMRC website.

The new service is called Charities Online.

However, MyDonate already processes Gift Aid free of charge for many of our charities on MyDonate, enabling them to claim an extra 25 per cent in funds. We'll also be managing the HMRC changes on their behalf.

So if you've yet to ask us to manage Gift Aid for your charity, then why not start the ball rolling now by completing a ChV1 form.

You can find out more in our FAQ section.

New help guides are here

You know that we love to listen to you.

That's because we have built the whole MyDonate service based on how you want it to be.

Lately, a number of charities have told us would like to see our Help Guides souped up a touch. Well, we're happy to oblige. In the coming months/weeks, we'll be adding more details to some of our existing guides, and providing help on more subjects.

Finally, if you do get five minutes to yourself, please use our Customer Satisfaction survey to tell us what you think about MyDonate. We can't emphasise enough how much we value your feedback.

Many thanks.

Promotional buttons - now added to confirmation pages

You've been giving us some great feedback on the MyDonate promotional buttons. So we've now added them to the confirmation pages, when, for example, events, have been created. We hope you find this useful.

Business challenge to overcome?
BT Troubleshooter can help

If your charity has a problem you've been struggling to deal with, why not use BT Troubleshooter?

Maybe you want to launch a new initiative, recruit more volunteers, or expand your marketing reach. Whatever the challenge you face, you can use this free service provided by volunteers within BT all eager to use their professional expertise, skills and knowledge to come up with ways to help you meet your goals.

It works by getting you together with a team of up to ten BT people - all you need to do is brief them, and then we'll help you plan and run the sessions.

We can provide you with the following:

•  Expertise and specific skills your organisation may not have
•  Total commitment and enthusiasm from people keen to apply their skills to 'good' cause
•  A fresh perspective from people used to a competitive commercial environment

You can read more about BT Troubleshooter.

MyDonate makes sure that all of your donation (except for charges levied by the donors own credit or debit card company) goes direct to the charity. As much as £2 can be lost in commission and charges when making a donation through other online donation platforms.

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