03 Jul 2017

Generating media awareness for your charity campaign

Media awareness

Thinking about a new campaign? Here are a few things to consider to maximise your impact. 

Maximise your content

  • Assess what content you already have
  • Repurpose content into smaller chunks of information for multiple media channels
  • Analyse which platforms will be most receptive for your content

Using social media platforms to promote campaigns

For Facebook:

  • The best time to reach people interested in charities is between 6pm and 9pm
  • If you’re using small social budgets, target men and women between the ages of 25 and 35 and women aged 35-54
  • Use visual content when you can. Videos get the most engagement, photographs the second and links the third
  • Use a clear call to action in all of your posts  

Create engaging stories for the media:

What are journalists looking for?

  • Why you’re relevant to current news
  • Why you’re a worthy organisation, campaign, or person to write about
  • Why you’re relevant to the publication’s readers  


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