13 Nov 2019

MyDonate has now closed

We wanted to let you know that MyDonate has now closed.

We’re really proud to have supported charities and fundraisers over many years. It’s been a tough decision to close MyDonate and we’re hugely grateful for the hard work and passion that people show in supporting great causes. You can see how we’ll continue to support charities through the link below.

We’ve created some FAQs to help you with any further questions you might have.

Thank you for using MyDonate. We wish you every success with your fundraising ambitions in the future.

The BT Team


1) Why have you closed the MyDonate platform?

We’re really proud to have supported charities in this way over many years. But there are lots of platforms available to raise money for your chosen charity or cause. Instead, we’re going to focus our investment on really helping our customers and communities understand, grow into and embrace the freedom of our exciting, technology-driven world. You can see how we’ll continue to support charities and the community below.

2) When was the last date that donations could be made?

Sunday 30 June 2019 was the last date you could make donations on MyDonate.

3) What happens if I made regular monthly donations through MyDonate?

We processed your final monthly donation before midnight on 30 June 2019. We didn’t take any more money from your card after then.

4) What if my fundraiser ends after 30 June 2019?

Your page stopped accepting donations after 30 June 2019, and we sent any funds you raised to your chosen charity within 30 days.

5) What’s happening to the MyDonate App?

The App is no longer supported. You can uninstall it from your mobile device.

6) We’re a charity and take donations through MyDonate, what will happen after 30 June 2019?

If you’ve got a ‘Donate’ button or link on your website, you’ll need to update it to make sure your supporters reach your new donation service.

All donations made through MyDonate up to midnight 30 June 2019 were paid to your charity within 30 days. We worked with HMRC to make sure all Gift Aid was paid by 30 September 2019.

Any Gift Aid that HMRC were unable to process, or that we were unable to pay out, can be claimed directly from the Charites Outreach team at HMRC. You can call them on 0300 123 1073.

7) Can I still view my charity’s data?

Your data and account information remained available to view through the website until 30 September 2019.

If you need any further information, please contact our Charity team.

8) Which other sites can I use instead of MyDonate?

There are quite a few different services available, including Virgin Money Giving, JustGiving, Charities Aid Foundation, KindLink and GoFundMe.

9) How long will you keep my data after MyDonate closes?

We’ll keep any data in line with the MyDonate Privacy Policy. We’ve updated this now that MyDonate has closed.   

10) How will BT support charities in future?   

We have a long history of supporting charities and our people fundraise throughout the year. At the moment we:

  • are directly funding Barefoot CAS, a charity dedicated to enhancing the UK’s digital skills. The charity provides teachers with resources to help them teach the computing curriculum to primary school children. This year we’ve reached over two million children across the UK through this programme
  • have a long-standing partnership with Comic Relief – The Supporter’s Club – providing grants for ‘sport for change’ projects in the UK and overseas. To date over £8 million has been granted to over 70 projects
  • give our people the opportunity to donate some of their salary to a charity of their choice. Our award-winning payroll giving scheme is currently used by 12% of employees, who donate to over 1,800 charities
  • are a founding partner of the Geared for Giving campaign, a nationwide campaign to promote payroll giving to companies who don’t currently offer their employees a payroll giving scheme
  • have a long-running employee volunteering programme, which means our people can take up to three days a year to support causes they care about. In 2018 over 38% of our people volunteered their time.


MyDonate is not responsible for the content fundraisers post on their pages, but if you see something you feel is offensive or inappropriate, please let us know