30 May 2017

Maximise your giving this Ramadan with MyDonate

 Maximise your giving this Ramadan with MyDonate

With summer almost upon us, Ramadan and the months leading up to it are particularly busy for the 1.6 billion Muslims in the world. The holy month of Ramadan is recognised as a time of very generous charitable giving. Many Muslims choose to use their Zakat - the compulsory giving of a set proportion of one's wealth to charity – in this holy month as an act of self-purification, whilst others also take part in Sadaqah, which involves engaging in acts that bring joy to others (this can be anything from a kind gesture to a stranger, to helping someone in need or giving to an organisation).

Many Islamic charities (such as Human Appeal, which the BT Muslim Network is fundraising on behalf of this Ramadan) as well as non-religious charities benefit from Zakat and Sadaqah donations and notice a sharp increase in giving during the Ramadan period.

Each year, British Muslims raise over £100m during Ramadan*, and more and more of them are now choosing to make their donations online, for increased ease, security and flexibility. Another advantage of online giving is that charities can claim an additional 25% on donations through Gift Aid, boosting the amount charities receive.

So if you are a Muslim charity, why not encourage your supporters to make their Zakat and Sadaqah donations through MyDonate? That way you’ll make sure that more of every donation reaches your organisation. MyDonate is unique because it doesn’t take commission on donations, where as some of our competitors charge up to 5%. It might not sound like a lot, but just think what getting that extra 5% on every donation could mean for your charity or a cause close to your heart. For example, this extra 5% could mean more life-saving aid reaching the displaced people of Syria or the famine crisis in East Africa, or going to Yemen and Iraq to help provide food security and prevent malnutrition this Ramadan. As well as supporting charities, Ramadan donations can also help groups including mosques, schools, nurseries, scouts and football teams.

If you donate through MyDonate you can also add a personalised message to any donation, specifying whether it’s Zakat, Zakat-al-fitr or Sadaqah.

In the last twelve months, charities fundraising on MyDonate raised £62.75 million. Thanks to MyDonate’s zero-commission model, at least extra £3,137, 500 went to charitable causes. With donations set to be even higher in 2017, now is the time to consider switching to MyDonate to maximise not just your Ramadan giving but giving all year round.

MyDonate is quick, safe, easy to use and mobile-friendly. The only charge BT ever takes from a donation is the credit and debit card fees which are managed by the banks, (a 15p flat rate fee for a debit card transaction of any size or a 1.3% credit card charge) and after that, every penny donated goes straight to charity.

By using MyDonate, you can have peace of mind knowing that more of every donation reaches the organisations and individuals it’s meant for.

Ramadan Mubarak to everyone.

*This statistic comes from The Charity Commission from 2016

*Compared to the up to 5% commission charged by our competitors

BT’s Muslim Network is fundraising for Human Appeal’s East Africa Appeal this Ramadan. You can donate today by visiting https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/btmnzakaat

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