18 Aug 2016

Tips to boost donations for the upcoming run-tastic autumn


As soon as the autumn approaches and the weather cools down, runners across the country will take part in the many marathons and running competitions taking place. If you’re taking part in an event this autumn, you can register your fundraising page on BT MyDonate. And with over 10,000 charities on the platform, you’re bound to find your favourite charity there.

There will be many high-profile running events, such as the Great North Run – which is largest half marathon in the world. This year, the organisers are aiming to make the event even bigger, by recruiting one runner from every country in the United Nations, 193 in total, to take part in the iconic half marathon on Sunday 11 September. With at least seven marathons held in October alone in cities across the UK – from the Great Scottish Run in Glasgow and BHF to the Bournemouth marathon, the autumn will undoubtedly be a busy one.

If you’re taking part in this year’s running activities, here are some general tips to bear in mind to help boost your donations leading up to the event:

1. Use social media to spread the word
Consider uploading videos and pictures of you training ahead of the event, as well as sharing fundraising milestones to keep potential donors interested and engaged.

2. Use emails to reach out
If you’re sending out emails, have a clear idea what it is you are asking for – and ask for it! The more straightforward you are with what you’re doing and what your aims are, the more likely people are to donate to your cause.

3. Tell your story and share it
Are you running for someone special? What inspired you to run? It’s the stories that will resonate with people and help you make connections with others.

4. Link to the event page
If you’re taking part in an official event like a big marathon or half marathon, try searching for their page on Facebook and add yourself to it – this will help you keep an eye on what others are doing, and you can share the official updates on your page.

5. Network with your charity
The likelihood is that they’ve got a more established following than your page or group, so tagging them in your updates and letting them know about your fundraising milestones might get you a shout-out on their social media pages.

6. Thank sponsors
It might be a good idea to consider doing a post thanking a donor on your social media. This could also give a gentle reminder to others to donate.

Setting up a fundraising page on BT MyDonate is quick and easy – and we don’t take a cut from your donations so you can really make a big difference. Create your own fundraising page and start raising money for your charity.

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