06 Oct 2017

The PwC Foundation: Corporate fundraising, supported by MyDonate

Ride the Nation cyclists

Registered in October 2011, the PwC Foundation is a charity set up with the aim to promote social inclusion and sustainable development in the UK. Since its inception, the foundation has raised more than £3 million for charity, with a focus on social inclusion, education, health, and the environment.

PwC joined MyDonate in February 2014 to support its first firm wide fundraising initiative, the Race for £3m. The initiative ran from February 2014 - June 2017, supporting four charities voted for by staff: Alzheimer's Society, Alzheimer Scotland, National Literacy Trust and Groundwork, as well as its long standing charity partners Beyond Food and Wellbeing of Women.

Having successfully reached its target in June 2017, from the 1st of July 2017, it will partner with two new additional charities voted for by staff: UK Youth and Samaritans.

Over the last three years thousands of PwC employees across 30 offices have been involved in fundraising, for both the centrally and locally supported charities, all powered by the commission-free online fundraising platform, MyDonate.

MyDonate and Ride the Nation

Ride the Nation is PwC UK’s flagship charity cycle challenge to physically connect all offices in the UK. Sponsored cyclists ride to PwC’s 30 local offices, a 2,000 mile route across the UK in one month, easier said than done. The fundraisers create a chain starting off in London and stretching all the way to its Aberdeen office and back again!

“We received amazing welcomes in each and every office,” said Chantal Mutel, one of the Ride the Nation project leads from PwC. “We’ve had helicopter fly-bys and standing ovations from the fantastic staff and people we met along our journey. The stand out moment for me was raising over £293,000 so far and this money goes to our PwC Foundation charities, as well as over 40 charities nominated by our local offices.”

The success of events such as Ride the Nation was facilitated by MyDonate, which made it easy for employees to sign up, drum up support by sharing content and updates across social media, keep a track of donations and maintain an eye on matched funding and Gift Aid.

“Most importantly, using MyDonate meant that we didn’t lose money from commission, as we would have done with other platforms. Using MyDonate meant we could have all the donations in one place,” Leighton Smith, Project Leader added. “It also meant we could really engage with the team and our supporters could follow what people were up to.”

Because MyDonate doesn’t charge charities registration or subscription fees, or claim any commission on donations, more money goes to the charities they were intended to reach.

“A major benefit that MyDonate brings is that it is commission-free and our fundraising efforts go further to our chosen charities – supporting our company ethos of doing the right thing in our communities,” Clare McBride, corporate sustainability manager, PwC Foundation. “MyDonate has helped us make the whole process of such a huge event a whole lot simpler and a lot more worthwhile.”

To support PwC’s riders, please visit https://mydonate.bt.com/charities/pwcridethenation.





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