01 Mar 2017

The rise of video: Making your fundraising story more social

Making your fundraising story more social

Telling your fundraising story in an interesting, sharable way is a key part of MyDonate. As of February, charities and fundraisers can now play videos directly from their page. This means no click-through to YouTube, easier access to video content and ultimately, a richer, more engaging experience.

Here’s how embedded videos can benefit you now and in the future.

1. Fewer clicks to communicate

Prior to MyDonate’s new video capabilities, charities and fundraisers could place a link on the page to a YouTube video, taking viewers to a separate webpage to play them. Now, if they provide the full link to the video (as opposed to the shortened youtu.be version, or a channel) visitors and donors will be able to play the video on the MyDonate page itself, meaning fewer clicks and a more integrated story.

2. Fundraising stories are brought to life

With an embedded video, your MyDonate page can become time-specific. By clicking onto the site, potential donors can immediately watch a video you’ve uploaded which can be changed quickly and easily to update them on your progress. For example, if you’re raising money through a marathon, a fundraiser can display a training video. After they’ve completed the run, they can add a thank you video to boost last-minute donations. The more compelling the story, the more money you are likely to raise.

3. There’s no effort from you!

Any existing links to a YouTube video will automatically become embedded videos on your MyDonate page. If you’ve linked to a YouTube channel, or a shortened youtu.be URL, all you have to do is edit the link to direct viewers to a specific video. The embedding is all done for you!

4. Fundraising becomes more social

In today’s online world, we are no longer engaged by text alone. We are accustomed to images, visuals, logos and banners. With playable videos on-site, your MyDonate page has a new layer of engagement and personalisation. Your fundraising journey becomes social and more sharable.

We can also share your MyDonate videos on our Facebook page to promote your charity’s fundraising stories. The MyDonate page now has over 4,000 likes and is continuing to grow, and videos make excellent content for social sharing.

MyDonate is not responsible for the content fundraisers post on their pages, but if you see something you feel is offensive or inappropriate, please let us know