Cornwall LTE trial extended

Rural CornwallBT is extending until June a pioneering multi-operator trial that is providing next generation broadband to customers in rural Cornwall.

The trial is successfully demonstrating that fixed and mobile technologies can work together to provide a broadband delivery option for remote rural areas.

Since October, Everything Everywhere and BT Wholesale have collaborated to provide fourth generation long term evolution (4G LTE) broadband to 180 customers in St. Newlyn East.

Previously they struggled to reach download speeds of 2Mbps, but can now reach an average 7Mbps.

BT Wholesale chief executive Nigel Stagg said: “This trial is enabling us to see at first hand the real difference LTE is making in rural Cornwall and how it could provide an alternative mode of delivery in rural areas to complement fibre-delivered broadband.

“There's no doubt that fixed line solutions offer a faster and more reliable broadband service, but there isn’t a single silver bullet to meet the rural broadband challenge.

“We continue to also assess other potential solutions, including other mobile and wireless technologies.”

Triallist Mark Jose said before the trial his family found anything beyond casual browsing or sending email a struggle.

"Now we’re all able to access the internet at the same time and enjoy social networking sites like YouTube, streaming movies and participating in fast online gaming, “he said.

Everything Everywhere chief executive Olaf Swantee said: “The roll-out of 4G will help drive economic growth and create jobs across the UK by making the economy more competitive.”

The trial is supported by Nokia Siemens Networks and Huawei.