DeryDerry secures fibre first

Derry has become the first city in the UK and Ireland to be completely wired up with superfast broadband.

Every single street cabinet in Derry City has now been upgraded with fibre-to-the-cabinet technology. As a result, almost 39,000 homes and businesses now have access to download speeds of up to 40Mbps which are set to double by next year.

Importantly, this technology drives choice and competition because it is delivered on an open access basis to allow other broadband service providers to access the network.

Colm O’Neill, Chief Executive Officer, BT in Northern Ireland said, “The delivery of this ambitious project within a tight timescale involved vision, collaboration and commitment from stakeholders who shared a common objective to realise Derry’s aspiration to be a digital champion.

“This next generation broadband network will provide a future-proof foundation to support Derry’s economic, social and cultural aims, and we are proud to be at the heart of many of the pioneering projects this exciting city has planned for this generation and the next,” he said.

The announcement has also been welcomed by businesses in the city.

Said Joe Lindsay of Unit 7 Audio Visual: “If we didn’t have access to this fibre broadband service, I doubt we could function as well as we do, if at all. This has given us the confidence to put in place plans to grow the business and look to the future.”

Watch a video about Derry’s superfast broadband success.