Openreach reveals draft duct and pole sharing proposals

Steve Robertson, chief executive of Openreach

Openreach, BT’s local access network division, has announced the draft pricing and design proposals for its new duct and pole sharing products, which are aimed at offering communications providers an additional route to market for the delivery of superfast fibre broadband services in the UK.

Openreach already provides a range of different options for communications providers to access its fibre network on a wholesale basis. Whilst Openreach expects GEA – its mainstream fibre access product - to form the basis of most communications providers’ fibre offerings, duct and pole sharing may also play a role in further extending the availability of fibre broadband services across the UK

Further consultation with Openreach’s Communications Provider customers will help to shape the final product proposals, which should be complete by summer 2011.

In a statement Steve Robertson, chief executive of Openreach, said: “Today we’re doing what we promised by offering the communications industry yet another way of accessing our network in order to deliver superfast broadband speeds to homes and businesses.

“We’ve listened to the views and requirements of our customers and will continue to work closely with industry and Ofcom to finalise the details of our duct and pole sharing products,” he said.

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