Fibre partnership ensures Northern Ireland prospers

Fibre partnership ensures Northern Ireland prospersIt’s widely known that BT has made a £2.5 billion commitment to roll-out fibre-based superfast broadband to two-thirds of UK homes and businesses by 2015.

It’s a far-sighted move that will benefit the country as a whole. Even so, the company is keen to extend the footprint still further.

The problem is that some homes and businesses lie in areas that are currently commercially unviable to make such an investment. But BT does have a solution.

It wants to work with local councils, regional bodies and other authorities to help secure funding that will enable the company to continue to invest. And this approach is already working.

Thanks to a partnership between the Department of Enterprise, Trade & Investment (DETI) and BT, high speed broadband is spreading deeper into towns and villages across Northern Ireland.

The whole project is on schedule to be completed by spring 2011 and has been done as part of plans to help transform the Northern Ireland economy.

It’s a great example of the public and private sectors working together to deliver innovative solutions to help local economies prosper. You can read more about it here.