New white paper addresses SFBB roll-out to final third

Accelerating Next Generation Access Roll-outBT has published a new white paper that details the different approaches public bodies can take to rolling out next generation access in their region.

Called Accelerating Next Generation Access Roll-out, the paper discusses the importance of superfast broadband for economic growth and the delivery of key services to citizens.

It also provides practical advice for those public bodies responsible for ensuring that their region is not left behind in the race for broadband.

For instance, it details the key business models that public bodies could embrace to ensure the roll-out of broadband listing the benefits and pitfalls of each approach.

Plus, the document gives sound advice on how best to select a broadband partner urging them to “shop around”.

“It’s wise to talk to as many different potential partners as possible to gauge what attracts them as a partner and investor and what they bring to the project,” says the white paper. “Challenge them on what concerns them and how they would approach some of the issues raised here.”

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