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Business and Public Sector

We offer products and services to small and large business and public sector customers, which are designed to be used within our customer’s organisation (or in connection with it) to carry out certain functions of their business.

Our products and services have their own set of terms and conditions. If there is a conflict between the terms and conditions or contract which you have with us and this Privacy Centre, it is the terms and conditions or contract which will be applicable.

The products, services and solutions we provide include a full range of communication solutions such as Conferencing and collaboration services, IP telephony, Security and Risk Management, Network Services, Call and Line Services including mobile services, IT services, Cloud and other Professional Services.

These products and services may require the collection and handling of personal information about you, e.g. if you are a worker or customer of our business or public sector customer, even though, not all our products and services involve the processing of personal information. When we do process personal information, our Privacy Centre provides details of the way we handle it.