The BT Board

Sir Iain Vallance (d) (e) Chairman
Sir Peter Bonfield CBE (a) (d) Chief Executive
Dr Alan Rudge CBE (a) Deputy Chief Executive
Robert Brace (a) Group Finance Director

Sir Colin Marshall (b) (c) (e) Deputy Chairman
Dr Iain Anderson (b) (c)
Malcolm Argent CBE (b) (e)
Birgit Breuel Germany
Sir Ewen Fergusson GCMG, GCVO (c)
Yve Newbold (b) (c)
Keith Oates (b) (c) (e)
Bert C Roberts Jnr USA
The Rt Hon Lord Tebbit CH (b) (c) (e)

SECRETARY Colin Green (a)

Key (a) Member of Executive Committee
(b) Member of Board Audit Committee
(c) Member of Board Committee on Executive Remuneration
(d) Member of Board Committee on Non-Executive Remuneration
(e) Member of Nominating Committee


Left to right: Bert C Roberts Jnr, Robert Brace, The Rt Hon Lord Tebbit, Sir Iain Vallance, Birgit Breuel, Sir Ewen Fergusson, Sir Colin Marshall, Dr Iain Anderson, Sir Peter Bonfield, Malcolm Argent, Dr Alan Rudge, Yve Newbold, Keith Oates.

Information for shareholders

Shareholder enquiries
Lloyds Bank Registrars (450)
The Causeway
West Sussex
BN99 6DA

Lo-call 0345 414 141 (+44 1903 833950 from overseas)

Lo-call 0345 010 707 (UK callers only)

Shareline reports the 9.00 am BT share price each weekday, together with recorded news about the company - updated daily by 10.00 am.

When you use one of BT's Lo-call 0345 numbers from anywhere within the UK, you pay only the price of a local call. Different rates apply to calls from non-BT networks.

Share Price Line
0891 222 334 (UK callers only)

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General enquiries
British Telecommunications plc
BT Centre
81 Newgate Street

(0171) 356 5000 Fax (0171) 356 5520
From overseas: +44 171 356 5000 Fax +44 171 356 5520

Please contact BT at the above address if you have general enquiries about the company. For queries about your BT shareholding, you should contact Lloyds Bank Registrars direct.

For the benefit of blind and partially-sighted shareholders, highlights of this annual review and extracts from the Notice of 1996 Annual General Meeting will be available shortly on audio cassette from Lloyds Bank Registrars (details as above).

Details of the current directors of the company are shown in the panel on this page. All served throughout the financial year with the exception of Dr Iain Anderson who was appointed to the Board as from 1 November 1995 and Sir Peter Bonfield who was appointed as from 1 January 1996.

In addition, Mr Michael Hepher and Mr Paul Bosonnet served on the Board until their retirement as directors on 31 December 1995, and Sir Michael Bett served until his retirement on 31 January 1996.

Auditors' statement to the shareholders of British Telecommunications plc
We have examined the summary financial statement, including details of The BT Board and the Directors, on the page opposite and on this page.

Respective responsibilities of directors and auditors
The summary financial statement is the responsibility of the directors. Our responsibility is to report to you our opinion on its preparation and consistency with the full annual financial statements and directors' report.

Basis of opinion
We conducted our work in accordance with the Auditing Guideline "The auditors' statement on the summary financial statement" adopted by the Auditing Practices Board.

In our opinion the summary financial statement is consistent with the full annual financial statements and the directors' report of British Telecommunications plc for the year ended 31 March 1996 and complies with the requirements of Section 251 of the Companies Act 1985, and the regulations made thereunder.

Coopers & Lybrand
Chartered Accountants and Registered Auditors
LONDON 21 MAY 1996

The auditors' report on the full financial statements for the year ended 31 March 1996 was unqualified and did not include a statement under sections of the Companies Act 1985 dealing with inadequate accounting records, financial statements not agreeing with the records or failure by the auditors to obtain necessary information and explanations.

This summary financial statement was approved by the Board on 21 May 1996 and was signed on its behalf by:

Sir Iain Vallance Chairman

Sir Peter Bonfield CBE Chief Executive

Robert Brace Group Finance Director

British Telecommunications plc
Registered office: 81 Newgate Street, London EC1A 7AJ
Registered in England No: 1800000

* * *