BT Annual Report and Accounts 1996

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BT's mission
Financial highlights
Chairman's Statement
An interview with Sir Peter Bonfield
This is BT
Business review
Financial review
Board of directors
Corporate governance
Report of the Board Committee on Executive Remuneration:
- Part 1
- Part 2
Report of the directors
Statement of directors' responsibility
Report of the auditors
Five year financial summary
Accounting policies
Group profit and loss account
Group statement of total recognised gains and losses
Group cash flow statement
Group balance sheet
Balance sheet of company
Notes to the financial statements:
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- 11 to 13
- 14 to 16
- 17 to 20
- 21 to 24
- 25 to 28
Subsidiary and associated undertakings
Quarterly analysis of turnover and profit
Financial statistics
Operational statistics
Regulatory statistics
United States Generally Accepted Accounting Principles reconciliations
Additional information for shareholders

  • First national operator in the world to provide per second pricing
  • Call prices reduced by over £470 million in the year
  • 30 per cent growth in mobile communications turnover with Cellnet customers now reaching 2.4 million
  • Over £2 billion spent on modernisation and expansion of BTís networks
  • The high and improving level of BTís quality of service compares favourably with its UK competitors
  • 5.6 per cent increase in dividends per share
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