BT Group
Annual Report and Accounts 2001
Welcome to the 2001 BT Annual report and Form 20-F. This document is best read with the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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Full report 1.6meg
Cover 47kb
Contents 48kb
Financial headlines 114kb
Chairman's message 108kb
Chief Executive's statement 149kb
Business review 354kb
Our commitment to society 101kb
Five-year financial summary 96kb
Financial review 334kb
Board of Directors and Executive Committee 183kb
Report of the Directors 88kb
Corporate Governance 134kb
Risk Factors 105kb
Report on directors' remuneration 217kb
Statement of directors' responsibility 118kb
Report of the independent auditors 106kb
Accounting policies 99kb
Group profit and loss account 81kb
Group statement of total recognised gains and losses 67kb
Group cash flow statement 72kb
Balance sheets 123kb
Notes to the financial statements 430kb
United States Generally Accepted Accounting Principles 130kb
Subsidiary undertakings, joint ventures and associates 114kb
Quarterly analysis of turnover and profit 69kb
Unaudited pro forma condensed combined financial statements 136kb
Financial statistics 85kb
Operational statistics and regulatory information 135kb
Additional information for shareholders 322kb
Glossary of terms and US equivalents 97kb
Cross reference to Form 20-F 101kb
Index 76kb